10% Discount code or automatic?

  • 17 May 2022
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Hello! I am looking to purchase a Eurail pass and on the homepage of the website it says there is currently a 10% discount for summer travel. I clicked on the link and selected the pass I wanted, but the prices seems to be the same as before, no discount. Is there a code that I have to put in for the discount or is it automatically added on? I was looking at the pass a month ago and the price is the same today even though there is a 10% discount sale. Any insight or clarifications would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

6 replies

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From what I remember (but its quote some time ago I bought online-prefer at the station) the disocunt will be applied in final step just before payment. Did you go as far ast that?

It may, perhaps (but that was not the case before) that it may only apply if pass starts in a certain period (Not main summer/peaktime). But these new mobile passes have no fixed start date at buying time

I went all the way to the payment page and it still has no discount applied. =(

I am trying to buy a mobile pass. It says on the homepage “SALE: 10% off Eurail Passes for summer travel.” I just assumed that its for anytime in the summer. I plan on activating it tomorrow so it would fall in that season. I’m just confused is all 😅

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can you show us a screenshot of this message? Because currently there is no sale with Eurail. 


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Hmm… in my browser, this SALE message only displays briefly while loading the page and then disappears.

Interesting, the SALE message stays there on my browser and gives me a link to click. But when I click it, it goes to the passes page without any discounts. Oh well. Maybe it is an upcoming sale that they will be doing and they displayed it before it was supposed to go out. 😅