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  • 14 November 2023
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My husband and I have purchased the 4 day pass (1st class). We will be travelling during winter (late Dec - early Jan). 

  1. If the train says ‘seat reservation not required’, can we just use our pass to sit within the 1st or 2nd class carriage? 
  2. If the train says ‘seat reservation recommendation’, can we not reserve the seat and use our pass to sit within the 1st or 2nd class carriage?
  3. Is the primary benefit of buying a 1st class pass so that you get access to sit in 1st or 2nd class carriages, and of course if a seat is available in 1st class you can the added benefits such as extra space and comfortable seating? 
  4. How does priority check-in work with the 1st class pass? 





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  1. Yes. Just find an empty seat. Often you can reserve a seat for a few euros if you want. 
  2. Which routes are saying this? Popular trains at peak times (Fri/ Sun evening) are always worth reserving.
  3. Yes, the main benefit is more room and fewer people in the carriages. Usually 2+1 seating instead of 2+2. Looking at your itinerary, on some Austrian and German trains, you can order food and drink from the host to be served (and paid for!) at your seat. 
    If you travel on Railjet, you can pay a little extra to go ‘Business Class’, which is a class above ‘First’ and comes with a free drink and better seats.
    There are first class lounges in Budapest, Vienna and Prague that you can use.
    You can also use your pass in second class if necessary.
  4. There’s no check in as such with most European trains. Just walk onto the platform and board the train. On Eurostar to/ from London, there is an airport style check in. You don’t get any priority as a Standard Premier passenger, only in the top Business Premier (which you can’t use with Eurail).