1st class vs. 2nd class? Seating and tables?

  • 25 May 2022
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Hello, I’m considering taking a 2-week journey with a Eurail pass in September.  Wondering about the difference in seating & amenities in 1st class vs. 2nd class.

Also, do passengers typically need to remain at their seats, or are there tables where you can sit down and have conversations, play cards, etc.?  Or are the tables only for eating at mealtimes? 

I’ve taken Amtrak all over the U.S. but this is all new to me, so I appreciate any help.

1 reply

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This varies an awful lot per country, per traincomp and per kind of train. Trains are not planes. Even in 1 car there may be different layouts in various parts. There are no seatbelts and no stewardess to give instructions etc. so you can sit/stand/ whatever you like. Also never no tipical USA style treat all pax like ignorant kids and unable to think for themselves.

For the tipical overloud USA: most railways also have quite decent SILENT cars where it should be as this name says. The rest is free to do what you want-but playing music etc that other can hear is never ever allowed. Screaming in your fone so that anyone thinks you would not need that fone at all is also ´frowned´ at.

USA also seem to be brainwashed to believe it should be 1st, also nonsense. In fact 1st cl passholders are known in many countries to be quite a nuisance to the existing bisnis people (or more often govt officials) who get enough expense paid to be able to use it. Besides a wider seat 1st does not give more extraś-except in GB.