2 people using Eurail flexipasses on smart phone(s)

  • 14 September 2023
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Planning a 2-person (me and my wife), 32-day, multi-country EU visit with much train travel. After comparing costs, we have decided to buy 2 Eurail flexipasses. 

QUESTION - need feedback on the following options:

1). put both passes on one smart phone?

2). use two phones; one pass on each phone?


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The main downside with using 1 phone is that you must always travel to the same places together, while this may be your plan there could be a situation where you need to travel separately.

Thanks for the prompt response -- wife and I will be traveling together.  My main concern is if the phone App can handle this practice w/o complications.  Either way, I would be the “operator” of both phones if we use 2 since my wife would not be comfortable with this task.  Would prefer to keep everything on one phone IF it is feasible to do so.  :)


This will be our first experience with Eurail passes.




No problem to have both passes on one phone (I did just that on my recent trip with my husband).

The only frustrating thing is that you still have to duplicate your trip as one trip can only be associated with one pass … (but would be the same if you had two phones).

Thanks - this is what I would prefer to do.  Everything on one phone.