2 Trips in 2 Weeks? Leaving and entering home country in between

  • 21 July 2021
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Maybe someone can help me out – I was unable to find the answers online.

I am based in the Netherlands. I want to go to Berlin, and to France. Unfortunately, I have to be home for 5 days in between for work. So I was thinking to buy a 5 day interrail ticket for my 4 travel days. However, I can only leave and enter NL once. Is it possible for me to use my interrail pass to go to Berlin from the German border, and back (and buy a separate ticket to leave and enter the Netherlands). And then use my return & leave NL trips to go to France and back? Or is that not allowed?

For clarification:

Week 1: German border town → Berlin. Berlin → German border town

Week 2: NL → France. France → NL.

Hopefully someone can help me out. It would be so nice to use the interrail pass to discover these two places this summer and my holiday time is limited, but I am not sure if that is allowed with interrail. 

Thank you!



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Yes it´s allowed todo it like that :)

Bad Bentheim is the borderstation for the Amsterdam - Berlin IC´s :)

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Bad Bentheim is the borderstation for the Amsterdam - Berlin IC´s :)

Correct. You actually only need a ticket to Bad Bentheim (Grenze) but a Sparpreis to Bad Bentheim station may be cheaper, depending on what's available and which reduction you have in the Netherlands.

Thank you both!