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  • 26 August 2023
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Hi everyone!


I buy an Interrail pass, the 22 days in a month global one.
I leave France the 17th of august, and today it’s my 5 days of trains journey, we are the 26th of august.

But when I go on my pass, it’s writing “13 days left”…

I’m confused. Does it mean I need to be back in France in 13 days??

Because I just arrived in Finland, and I have so much left to see.

I was expected that I can take the train for 22 days, and be free.

If someone can light my candle <3


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You bought a 22 days continuous pass yes, 22 days in 1 or months does not exist.

The longest flexible variant is 15 days in 2 months.

Since a pass is not refundable once activated you'll have to buy a new pass for the remaining days of your trip or to find cheap advance tickets (peak season is past).