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  • 12 June 2024
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Hi !

We are a group och 6 persons with valid 4days Greek Island Pass and we have online booked a Blue Star ferry this saturday 15 june from Pireus to Santorin. 

When i booked online i made a misstake and choose 6-day pass for one of us in the group, tried to call Blue Star service but they said they cant help us on the phone with this we have to email but they only answer that they dont understand the problem. 

As a result we cant plan the next leg in a journey as ther booking system says it a wrong number of days for one of the island pass, we trying with 4day pass for all in the group on the next ferry. 


Do you have any suggestions how we can get the booking at Blue Star to help us change the fault i made? 


Best regards from Sweden, Tobias 


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What is it Blue Star don't understand? Have you sent them a screenshot showing the problem, explained the steps that led to that problem and asked them how to resolve it?

We have send email with screenshot and explained the fault we made on one of the passengers, when we spoked with the nice lady at Blue Star over the phone she said that we must ask the helpdesk to cancel the wrong passenger booking and make a new one regarding just that part of the booking, but the havent done that yet. i think its 4 mail in the mail conversation right now.. 


Lets hope for the best.. 


BR Tobias 

Now i have talked to Blue Star on the phone once again, they are helpfull but cant seem to fixed the problem, today the said that i must be something wrong with the Interrail pass and i should contact interrail, it sholud not be possible to make a complete reservation with 6days if you only have a 4day pass on there website… 

But i have checked and we have only 4-day pass for all 6 traveling group members. 


Br Tobias 

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You could contact Interrail customer service here:

I doubt however that they can do much. I suppose Blue Star verify that you've entered a valid pass number via an API provided by Interrail/Eurail so if that results in the correct information, then the error is on the Blue Star side. It sounds to me like the Blue Star person you spoke with is trying to get rid of you instead of escalating the problem internally.