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  • 3 April 2023
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I am a Brazilian traveler, but, i never use the Eurail Pass. I'm going to travel around some countries in Europe, but in Italy I intend to visit more cities (Venice, Bologna, Modena,...). In that case, can I use the Eurail Pass Global inside Italy?


Another question about this. I wanna buy the Eurail Pass Global 22 days. Do these days count even if I don't use it on my trip for a few days? for example I'm going to Italy and spend 3 days there without using my Pass, in this case, do the 3 days count or not?


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Yes the 22 days is a continuous pass but you may consider another pass, for example 15 days within 2 months. In this case you choose the days you want to use the pass during 2 months.

A Eurail Global Pass is certainly valid within a country. Only keep in mind the mandatory reservations on Italian high-speed trains (Frecciarossa, 10€ per person). These are best bought on (no booking fee).

High-speed trains can be avoided using slower regional trains (reservation-free).