Accidentally added a journey for today

  • 17 June 2022
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Hi, I accidentally added a journey to my trip for today when I was planning my trip. My travel pass is set for August though but it already shows that one travel day has been used. How is that possible? Could you please help me what to do with it? Thank you


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3 replies

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Contact Customer Service Asap mention you activated the pass by mistake :) Delete all journey of today. Only Customer service can restore traveldays on the day itself or days in the past.

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Did you connect a journey to you trip or did you connect the journey from your trip to your pass?

Have you activated you pass with a start date in August? As soon as you activate your pass the first day of the validity will be counted as a travel day.

If you post a screen shot it is easier to tell.

I already wrote to the support and it should be fine. I just freaked out a bit because I added the train for today’s date by mistake and started thinking that it counted as well. I hadn’t noticed that it shows “1/7 travel days used” in default.