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  • 17 March 2023
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I am buying my Eurail Pass and before I do, I would like to ask a question.  I want to set a couple of Reservations up now but I am not traveling until the 1st of June. I am getting a Mobile not Paper.

Question.... in order to make the reservation do I have to activate my pass... I am not talking about linking (unless "linking" is the same as "reserving")?

Any tips or "things to watch out for" when making reservations would also be appreciated!

Thank you


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No. Reservations are completely separate from your pass, and in many cases they don’t ask for any evidence of your pass. you can certainly make reservations without activating your pass.

Which trains specifically?

I am looking at an overnight from Copenhagen to Berlin.

If you don't mind.... a follow-up question.…

Do I need my passport number (passport has not come-in yet) on my Eurail Mobile Pass BEFORE I make the reservations? 

Thank you again! 

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You do not need your passport number to make reservations.

It is only required to enter passport number when activating your pass, this can be left until the first day of travel to do.