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I bought Interrail Promotional Pass. It is written on the ticket VALID 30-06-2022 - 29-08-2022. Do I still need to activate the validity?

I called to SJ (Swedish railway company) but they informed since valid dates are mentioned, it may not needed. I was in Stockholm central station, and there is no ticket counter/machine in the central station anymore, neither information kiosk could help activating my paper passes.

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No, that pass is already activ and valid from yesterday. 

@AnnaB Thank you for addressing this. Hope it goes smooth :-)

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It will.

You have to write down all trips you make and there are 2 special fields for the allowed for you in SE trip OUT and at the end to come back IN. Plus to make REServ. for some trains-in fact the X2000 and the direct DSB Köpenhamn-Hamburg (assuming this will be the most likely route you take)

Paper Interrail has never ever needed to be validated-this was the case for Eurail as they in the past could come from 1000s of different small-scale resellers and there were often errors in them-plus a check on if they were real.

@mcadv Thank you. I am taking outbound Snältåget, and inbound yet to be decided. Made reservations already. Just hoping for a pleasant experience :-)