activation = first day of travel?

  • 4 April 2022
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Hi @all,

I got one thing which I'm not sure about so far:

I bought a Flexi Pass, 10 days within 2 months, long time ago. Then COVID came and the period to activate the pass was extented several times (now up until 31th August 2022). Thanks for that.

As it's a Pass for Youths, I have to activate it until 10th May latest, because 11th ist my 28th birthday.

We plan to travel in June and as the Pass is valid for 2 months, it's not really a thing, but: Will my situation/solution mean that the 10th May will be the first of the ten days to travel (which I'd kind of loose then) or is it possible to activate the Pass some weeks BEFORE really using it the first time?

Thanks a lot for all your help!

Kind regards from Switzerland Max


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Im not sure, maybe someone else knows more about.

You can also try to ask directly to Interrail Customer Service Online Form

Thanks a lot, Angelo. I tried this as well now!

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As far as I know, the first travel day must be when you're still 27, so it looks like you'll lose one travel day if you can't travel on 10 May.

Thanks for your link. It probably looks like that...

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Hi Max, Indeed you need to activate your pass before your turn 28 years old (so on the 10th of May at the latest). For this you will need to use a travel day. Hopefully our customer service will be able to give you further guidance 🙂. Cheers,