Adding two different passes on one phone

  • 4 August 2021
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my phone recently broke while traveling. This means that my interrail pass cant be used on that device anymore. I already had contact with interrail and they unregistered my pass from my phone so i can add my pass on another device. My question is: is it possible to add my pass on my friends device so we have two passes on the same device? 

If this is not an option, does anyone have another suggestion?


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3 replies

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My experience yes this is possible

Two different persons mobile global passes on 1 device is possible?

Can you tell me how to add the second pass on my friends phone?

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Hi, you can add as many Passes to your device as you like. Just remember that you can't move your Pass onto another device once it's activated for travel. If you're travelling as a group with multiple Passes on one device, you'll all need to travel together on all journeys.

Each Pass needs its own trip, so if you've got a few Passes on your device, you’ll need a separate trip for each Pass. If you've already created a trip, you can duplicate an existing trip to connect a copy of that trip to another Pass.

It's easy to add journeys from the planner to multiple trips at once, and you can name each trip something different to keep track of all your journeys.