Advice for trip from Croatia-Florence-Athens

  • 22 April 2024
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Hello! Any advice for someone who's trying to get from Split to Florence to Athens? Is there a need for reservations? What is the best plan for this trip?

Do i need to buy any other ticket other than the Interrail Pass?


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The easiest way will be a ferry across the Adriatic Sea: I believe there's Split - Ancona. Pass not valid though.

Otherwise it's a very large detour via Zagreb - Ljubljana - Trieste. Not possible in a day.

To get to Athens you'll have to take another ferry. From Ancona, Bari, Brindisi... to Patras and then a bus/train combination.

An Interrail pass won't be good value for this trip. Train tickets are too cheap and you won't take many trains in the end.

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All train routes from Split to Athens are going to have to go back up North to Zagreb and Budapest (there is a sleeper train), then Bucharest. It’s a long way round!

I agree that the most logical route is across the Adriatic by ferry - from Split, Zadar or Dubrovnik to reach Italy. Then back across on another ferry to reach Corfu, Igoumentitsa or Patras in Greece.

This might help:

Italy to Greece via Bari

On that same page is also details of the rail route via Budapest & Bucharest. The other options - via Belgrade are not possible.

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Hi everyone, for your information the SNAV ferry between Ancona and Split is part of the Pass’s benefit. Pass holders benefit from a 20% discount for that ferry. For more information, please visit our benefits portal