After reaching destination, can I use Interrail pass to travel in local trams or bus

  • 4 July 2021
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I am student , first time i am using interrailpass , after reaching destination can i use loacal trams and buses ? if not it will be much expensive for whole trip , can any one give me information about local trams and buses . 

3 replies

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Local Publictransport is usually not included 😕 There are few exceptions like the “S-Bahn” in Germany as they operated by the National Railcompany :) but local public transport is usually pretty chep :) For example in Berlin you pay 5€ for a standard dayticket. Touristic daytickets are more expensive but then you have often special discounts within the cities :)

how can i find inter rail pass i valid in so and so trams and buses or ships 

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In General the Interrailpass doesn´t cover trams and buses :) You can check it once via the Railplannerapp if connections is covered or not (95% are almost correct 5% are sometimes mistakes due changes in operation)

The best is to check always the pass benefits page it shows what benefits you have at your destination (sortet by Country) Interrail Pass Benefits

In Paris the metro, buses and trams are not covered by the Interrailpass