All phones or one phone?

  • 16 May 2022
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Hi, my family (2 adults and 2 youths) are planning our trip around northern Europe this August. I have bought the 4 passes and will be using the mobile app. Should I put all the passes on my phone or put the passes on the families inidvidual phones. For convenience, I prefer the former option, but what happens if I lose my phone or it dies? It seems that if this happens then your are stuffed! There does not seem anyway to create a backup or mirror the account on another phone. What does happen if your phone breaks/gets stolen whilst on the trip? I am sure this must have happened to someone. 


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3 replies

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If your phone is broken you need to get help from Customer Support to disconnect your pass from the broken phone so that you can re-connect your pass to a working phone.


Personally I would let everyone have the passes on their own devices. You can anyway have the reservations for everyone on one phone. 


If you will be travelling in Sweden and want to make reservations at, please note that you need a Pass Cover Number. This number you have to get from Customer Support.

You can ask for the number using this form: 


Thanks, Anna. I have to admit I am really not sure what to do. My eldest son does have a tendancy to break/lose things (he has gone through a fair few mobile phones) so that does not help. It’s a shame you can’t have both a paper pass and a mobile pass or keep a duplicate on another mobile. Oh dear,life is full of tough decisions!

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Maybe if you parent keep the childrens' passes on your phones if you are afraid that they might break their phones. Then you would have 2 devices with 2 passes on each.