Already in Europe, how does inbound/outbound work

  • 1 April 2023
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I am British. I’ve bought a pass (5 stops in 1 month) and have to state my inbound/outbound journey from the UK. However, I will already be in Europe on a work trip (ticket paid separately). This means when I activate my interrail pass my first trip (outbound) will not be from the UK but France. Does this matter or should I state my first trip I use as an outbound trip? I guess my main concern is ensuring I’m able to get back to the UK on my final (inbound) journey. 

I hope this makes sense. Any advice appreciated.


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You can start wherever you like. If you're already in France, then you start there and you won't use (yet) any of your inbound/outbound journeys, which you can use on any travel day during the validity of your pass.