Amsterdam/Netherlands - what travel Pass to choose?


We will be traveling to Amsterdam in October from South Africa and looking for the best and cheapest options to travel.

Our ittenary looks like this:

Day 1: Visit Amsterdam city 

Day 2: Visit Surrounding - Zaansche Schans, volendam

Day 3: Leiden, Delft, Rotterdam, Gouda

Day 4: Giethoorn

Day 5: Brugge in Belgium

Day 6: Utrecht

Day 7: Amsterdam city

Any help with the correct travel passes would be appreciated

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Hardly any. IF you are able to rearrange the order, some may work: You did not clearly state if local transit also needed (tram, bus) 

  1. check for ATT=Amterdam Travel Ticket and ARTT= Amtserdam REGION ticket-for 1 - 2 - 3 days, incl trains to airport. ARTT coves local buses in region, for 2. OR book a daytour by coach=bus, if it all sounds to complicated to find out about buses and all that.
  2. for the other trips there is nothing, just buy online or from machine tickets for that day. It wont be cheap. Day 3: as I am right now just doing this route: visit all in 1 day is IMPossible-skip 1 or 2. Unless you only want a selfie from station name.
  3. visit Br/BE: again consider a tourbus, or buy via NS-international, IF done at least 1 week before, its chepaer-without need to use specific trains. Change Antwerpen. You will need to buy 2 separate singles. The single ride to there takes a little over 4 hr.
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Er is mogelijk toch 1 iets wat mogelijk (je mag zelf nagaan of prijzen opwegen tegen losse tickets): 1 country pass BeNelux-naar keuze voor 3 of 4 dagen in 1 maand.