Any ideas on a 4 day pass trip?

  • 16 March 2024
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Me & my friend are thinking of getting the 4 day pass and was wondering if anyone had any ideas/trip itineraries? 


London will be our 'home base' so we will be starting and ending there. (Although I'm from Newcastle so if anybody knows how i can use it to get from Newcastle to London that would be great as it would save me driving down)


We are open to go anywhere is europe and are very comfortable traveling abroad.


Also how does the Eurostar work when you have a interrail pass?? 


Thanks in advance!!!

1 reply

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On 2 of the travel days you can travel in your country of residence so it's totally allowed to do Newcastle - London!

Eurostar costs 30€ (35€ to NL) and you must book in advance (passholder quota + popular route).

Have a look at this :

I'd go to the Alps for beautiful scenic railways. Bernina, Albula, etc.

Reservations are optional in Switzerland, Germany, Austria (except some cross-border routes this summer) so the pass gives you a lot of flexibility!