App update - final destination dissapeared

  • 13 October 2021
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With the latest update to v20, the app no longer shows the final destination of the train, only where I’m stopping.  The final destination was nice because that’s what is listed on the departure boards in the train stations, and sometimes the train numbers aren’t always consistent with what’s in the app. Am I missing something on this new version, and can we get the final destination back? Thanks!

3 replies

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Hi @benbowm, thanks for flagging. In which section? The planner section, I assume? Can you perhaps share a screenshot with us? Cheers, 

It’s in My Trip. Here’s a screenshot currently. It used to, under train #, also give the final destination, but it no longer does that. Metz was not the terminal stop of this train, as an example. Thanks for looking into it. 


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Thanks for the extra information and screenshots. I will come back to you once I know more. Will be sometime next week. Have a great weekend! :smiley: Cheers,