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  • 23 February 2023
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WE have booked a number of reservations across Europe on the site.

However, when I go to the APP where I have added the PASS numbers I cannot see any of these reservations.  We are using the same login details.

Its as if there is no synchronisation between APP and website.


Its very frustrating and worrying as we are supposed ti be travelling in 2 weeks.

What are we doing wrong as I cannot take the computer on holiday and will be relying on the APP on my phone.


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2 replies

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Reservations are completely separate from the pass and won't be visible in the app.

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You can print the reservations that you got via or you can download them on your phone. 

Keep in mind that for most of the trains it is OK to have as a PDF on your phone, but some require as printed paper (mostly night trains). 


As an overview:

The ticket for the trains is on the app, you need to add the journeys to get an QR-Code for ticket check. 

The reservations are on top of them. Sometimes they are compulsory, sometimes optional, sometimes not possible and you can board with your pass = ticket.