Are all trains in Europe covered by the Pass? How do I know which ones are?

  • 30 January 2022
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Hello, me and my husband will travel with Interrail England, Scotland and Ireland next year. We are both newcomers to interrail/eurail. Therefore, we have a few questions about this and hope to find answers here. We are both from Germany. We want to have the pass on our mobile phone. Are all trains that run in these countries also in the passport or some not? How do we know if a train connection to the pass is part of it. Not that we sit on the train and can't get ahead with the pass because the train or the connection is not included in the pass? Thanks already:)


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3 replies

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You can also, if you do not trust this app/fone-pass, also simply go to a big DB-Reisezenter and buy the old-style paper pass. Every now and then there are promotional periods with discount, and as your trip is still far off, you can just wait if a new promotion comes along.

Note that IF you want to do the whole trip by train, this €star is quite expensive as you must buy supplement/seat reservation, for the rest you can in DE and UK just ´wing it´=see what seat is empty and unreserved.

I have mean pass:) Okay thanks for the tip.

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I suppose you mean pass instead of passport :)

Check this page for the operators included. More details sometimes on the individual country pages.

For the countries mentioned, almost all trains will be included. Be warned though that the rail planner app should not be used to plan. It's not complete (e.g. Ireland is not included) and it does not get enough updates to be reliable. It's better to use the operators’ or national websites/apps and for international planning, use the Deutsche Bahn planner or the DB Navigator app.