Are two days travel also counted as outbound journey?

Sorry for asking, but I am still not clear about outbound/ inbound journey. 

I plan to travel from Lindau (Germany) to Stockholm (Sweden) as my outbound journey. The connection I would take is a day train and a night train from Hamburg to Stockholm. My concern is that I will leave Germany by this night train after midnight, which means I will be travelling two days to get out of Germany. 

As I read in other questions this trip is then counted as outbound AND inbound journey right? Are there any advises to work around this issue (except booking an earlier train)?

Thanks for your help!! 


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Hi, no problem. You need to enter the train before midnight and you will use only 1 day for Outbound. 

Also no problem if the train from Hamburg to Stockholm have delay, because the scheduled departure time is important and has to be before 00:00 CE(S)T. 

Thank you Angelo! Indeed, the night train is leaving Hamburg at 23:59 CET! 

Best regards!


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This Nattag (=nachtzug) MUST be REServed-from early sept it is a new one by SJ (the DB of Sweden).

YOu are likely aware of the really abysmal bad state of DB at the mo? Delays and cancelled trains every day more and more. So do not risk too short Umstieg in HH. Even though then DB should give you HTL voucher and compensation-it will then mean you hit Probleme with 2 Tage In Heimland

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This Nattag (=nachtzug) MUST be REServed-from early sept it is a new one by SJ (the DB of Sweden).

The train leaving Hamburg at 23.59 is Snälltåget.

@Nadine Schneider The train has often some delay but you should always enter the scheduled departure time in the app. 

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Are you going back to Germany with the night train as well? In that case you need to input the return trip in a special way to get to use your inbound travel day on the arrival day of the night train. Let us know if you need advice.

Thank you all for the feedback! It worked out well. @AnnaB, indeed I will take a similar train back to Germany, also over night. Can you give me advises how to input please? 


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Are you going back to Germany with Snälltåget?

We planned to take this connection: 

25.08: Koebenhavn H - Hamburg Hbf (23:54- 06:24) IC399

26.08: Hamburg Hbf - Stuttgart Hbf (07:01- 12:38) ICE573 


So no, it’s a german train. Is it possible then or do I need a connection with ST? 

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Ok. So what you need to is to split the journey from Copenhagen to Hamburg in 2 parts. If you don't to that the departure date of the train will be your inbound travel day and you will not be able to continue your travel in Germany on the arrival day of the night train.

What you do is that you enter one journey from Copenhagen to a station in Denmark that the train passes after midnight. Maybe Padborg, but you need to check the timetable.

Then you enter a second journey from that station to Hamburg. This journey will ask for your inbound journey and that is fine as the journey is on your arrival day in Hamburg. Then you can continue to Stuttgart without problem.

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Just to add to AnnaB’s excellent advice, this splitting should just be done on the app for the pass to assign the Inbound home country trip day to the 26/8 not 25/8

For the Copenhagen - Hamburg train you should buy a single reservation for the full distance.

Understood, and worked!!! Thanks a lot for this great advise, you both! 

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But you should not activate your travel days in advance. Maybe you just tested and deactivated the travel day again. Please read more about activation of travel days below.


 Activation of travel day

The advice from the experienced travellers in the community is also never to activate a travel day, that is connect a journey to your pass and getvthe QR code, until just before boarding the train, otherwise you might loose a travel day if your travel plans change in a late stage  You can't delete a travel day in the past. A travel day can only be deleted until 23.59 CET the day before the travel day.