Benefits of global pass consume travel days?

  • 9 February 2023
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global pass can be used to get benefits or offers in many services. my question is, 'would using the pass to get such benefits be considered using the pass one day. for example, if I have a 5 day pass and use it only for benefits any of the days, does it mean that day is considered one of 5 days?’


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2 replies

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No, it doesn't consume a travel day for benefits. Only when you take trains. 

The enjoy the benefits, the pass needs to be active and in the validity period, but it doesn't require an active travel day. You just need to show that you have a pass at the counter. 

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FRankly: 99% of those assumed benefits are worthless. Most can also get them due to age or other situation-and there will also in 99% of cases be ALT that may work out even lower priced in the end. dr google may also deliver some codes or benefits-for free.

What people here mostly ask about are the ferries IT-GR.