Benelux pass not allowing travel to and from country of residence

I booked my Benelux Interrail pass yesterday (within the last 24 hours). Thinking it allowed travel to and from my country of residence (Germany) like the Global pass that I used in the past did, I activated it last night (within the last 12 hours) and tried to book my journey only to learn it doesn’t allow this. I am very disappointed since it wasn’t mentioned on the webpage where I was booking it. I don’t think the pass can be used now by me (because of time constraints and travel plans not matching) and don’t know what the best course of action is here. I have asked for a refund but it says it’ll take many days to get a response regarding that and online I can only read that if the pass has been activated, you cannot get a refund. Not sure if I should go ahead and purchase the global pass now (I don’t have a lot of money to spare, since I am an intern) or wait for a response regarding a refund or pass exchange. 😔


Some advice would be great! 🥺 Help me!

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Are you sure that is is cheaper to buy the Global pass only to get the outbound/inbound journeys than to buy single tickets from your home in Germany to/from the BeNeLux border at Deutsche Bahn?

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Probably someone who thought to be smart/clever as a pass for cheap country could cost less as f/e. a last minute full price return-when prices are sky-high- from a place like M-ünchen to a town near NL/BE border.