Bernina train ticket using global pass.

  • 31 March 2024
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Hello, I have already purchased reservations in the Bernina express. As a global pass holder should I just book tickets using Rail Europe? Or is there a different process to get tickets for this train?



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3 replies

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If you have already purchased reservations for the Bernina Express, than you don't need to do it again? Or am I missing something here?

You train ticket is the Interrail or Eurail Global Pass. You need a reservation for the panoramic cars.

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I don’t understand the requirements hence asking. Yes, I have already purchased seat reservations. If that is all is required for global pass holder, then great. 

Thank you.

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Perfect! Have a nice trip with the bernina express.

Don't forget to add the trip in the pass (app) or write it the paper pass.