Booking ferries in cyclades with 3-month global pass, does my pass need to be activated to book?

  • 11 April 2023
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Hi everyone! 

I’m wanting to book my ferries between the greek islands in the cyclades for my trip in August (I have a 3-month global pass). This is my first time using eurail so I’m a bit new to it. 

When I go to book a ferry using Blue Star Ferries, following the Eurail instructions, it prompts me to “Fill in your Pass Cover Number in the 'Discount ID / Document' field. You can find your Pass Cover Number on the back of your paper Pass cover, above the QR code”. 

On the Blue Star Ferries website, the little info button near the “Discount ID / Document” field specifies for me to “Please insert your activated Pass Cover Number in the field "Discount ID/ Document"


My pass isn’t activated yet as I’ll begin travelling in July!! Does this mean I have to wait til July to book my ferries?? Or should I just ignore that statement about the ‘activated pass cover number’ and insert my pass cover number, regardless of the fact that is it currently not activated?


I hope this makes sense!! Thank you so much for any help you can provide me in advance. Don’t want to make any mistakes!


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You don't need to activate your mobile pass, in fact, it's better not to do that in advance. You just need to generate a pass cover number from your mobile pass number here:

And take care to book the ferries in chronological order.