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  • 22 February 2022
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So I’ve already booked my flight to Berlin where I’ll then be staying for 3nights and then continuing with my route. Do I have to book the interrail pass yet? Is there a certain amount of people that can get the pass? Is it correct that it’s activated from when you use it and you don’t have to put in set dates for it? I want to wait a bit longer until I buy the pass incase there are any deals/discounts and also when I’m 100% on the pass I want (either 7days in a month or 10ams in 2months) 


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2 replies

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There is no real need to buy it in advance. Interrail is always available, without any limit. You could even buy it from a ticket office in Berlin (paper version) minutes before boarding your first train.

You don’t have to plan anything if you don't want to. You just need to make sure, before boarding, that your travel diary is filled in (paper) or the train is added to My Trip and My Pass (mobile).

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Just wait and check every now and then: there is nearly always-at of course timeslots that are never pre-announced, special discounts of 10 or even 15%-buy when this is on (quite often some weeks before Easter-like march) and you do not yet have to specify the dates from-till on a mobile pass. But if you know already arr in B and when to travel further, in your case this is no real probelm