Booking of Tickets & Seats using Eurail Global Pass

  • 8 November 2023
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Thank you for the many who have posted on usage of Eurail Global Pass. I just purchased passes for my family to travel next February. Read that it is better to book on OBB webitse.


I bought a “10 days within 2 months” Eurail Global Card.


Can I ask that if I book and reserve seats on the OBB website, do I still need to create my trips on the Trip Planner please?

Of not, how will my Eurail usage be recorded.


Would greatly appreciate advice from experience users. Thank you so much in advance.


regards, Pauline from Singapore


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Yes. The pass and the reservations are completely separate things.
The pass is your ticket, and you need to add all your journeys to the app (note: not the website), assuming you have a mobile pass. 
if you have a paper pass, you write your journeys down in the travel diary.

Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, we have a mobile passes and there are 4 of us.


You are referring to the Eurail/Interrail Rail Planner app on the phone?


Can I confirm my understanding below please:

  1. First, I add all my train trips on the app under “My Trip”. I assume that I can change/amend so long as it is before trip without any impact? Does this in any way reserve the train ticket please?
  2. Then, I go to OBB website to book ticket and pay the seat reservation fee. Assume then I cannot change/amend this booking without cost? This will then confirm and book the tickets?
  3. How do we select the seats on the booked trains please?
  4. Will I then have duplicate train booking please by doing step (1) on Eurail App and (2) on OBB website above.

Thank you again & best regards,

Pauline @Singapore

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1. Yes you can add trains to My Trip and amend them as much as you like. You can even amend that after departure if necessary.

No, this doesn’t reserve the train in any way. It’s just a record of the trains you took - and it’s what generates the ticket you show when asked. (It's worth remembering that in the paper version of the pass, this step is literally just writing the train you are about to take on a slip of paper!)

  1. ÖBB isn't always the place to reserve, only for some train operators. Here is a good guide to which trains need reservations, how much they cost, and where to buy
  2. Mostly you can't, I'm afraid! In some cases you can, for example Eurostar or Italiarail. Details in the link above. In other cases you might be able to negotiate with other passengers on board.
  3. Not sure what you mean here? But you always need the train in My Trip. And if it's a train that requires reservations (or a train where you've chosen an optional seat reservation) then you'll also have a seat reservation.

Thank you for all your help. Am trying to get to booking.


Can I check - if I have booked and paid my Seat Reservation but missed the train, do I have to pay for seat reservations again when I take the next train please?


Thank you again.


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Yes, if you’re on a train with compulsory reservation, then you’ll need a reservation on the new train to travel.

If it’s ‘your fault’ because you arrived late at the station, then you should expect to pay again. It doesn’t hurt to go to a ticket office and ask nicely if they can swap the reservation to a new train for free, but you should assume that they’ll say no and you’ll have to pay. It might be that there is no availability on the new train.

If it’s not ‘your fault’ and it’s because your previous train was late, then you are more likely to get a free transfer to the new train. Again, ask at the station. If you have to purchase a new reservation in this situation, keep hold of the receipts.

Thank you. If it states “No Seat Reservation Needed”, then how do I book my ticket on Eurail? No QR Code generated?


Apologies, can I check that I must activate my pass in order to book my train tickets? I do not see the Yellow Slider that I see on all videos?

Thank you very much

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Have you linked your Trip to your Pass in the app? Do this by going to My Pass.

Only then, and only when you activate your pass, do you get the yellow slider. It’s best not to activate until you are sure you will travel, just I n case plans change.

Thank you but please pardon my ignorance. First time user and am rather confused.


I have already mapped out all our train ride for February and would like to have them locked in. So, I would like to reserve the train tickets and in some cases also pay for the Seat Reservation.

On the Eurail Aapp, I can only see Seat Reservation but no where for ticket confirmation?


As I am only travelling in February next year and have a “10 days within 2 Months” Pass, I am concerned whether I should activate now? But seems like I cannot book tickets without activating?


Would greatly appreciate help.


Thank you.


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As I said upthread, the seat reservation is completely separate thing from adding the trains to the app.

The Eurail app is your ‘ticket’ and adding trains to it makes it valid for travel.  You can do this at any time right up to departure, there’s no hurry. Adding trains to your Trip doesn’t in any way reserve that train, it just tells Eurail which trains you ended up taking. You don’t need to do this step before buying a seat reservation.

If you want or need to make seat reservations, you do that in a completely separate transaction, not in the app. The reservations aren’t linked in any way to your Trip in the app.

Please list the itinerary you want to take, and somebody will suggest the best way to make seat reservations.

Thank you again. How do I book tickets for rides that does not need Seat Reservation? In my itinerary will be train rides in Switzerland.


Here is my proposed itinerary based on what I found in the Eurail App and would greatly appreciate help on where to book.


03 Feb: Rome to Venice 0635-1034 hours; then Venice to Florence 1826-2039 hours

06 Feb: Florence to Milan 1755-1950 hours

11 Feb: Madrid to Granada 0725-1104 hours

13 Feb: Granada to Barcelona 0658-1419 hours (website says Seat Reservation Price not available or Only available 90 days from departure. BUT date is within 90 days)

Alternative for 13 Feb: Granada to Madrid 0658-1038 hours, Madrid to Barcelona 1300-1530 hours.

16 Feb: Barcelona to Lyon 0819-1320 hours

18 Feb: Lyon to Annecy 1008-1207 hours; Annecy to Geneva 1844-2012 hours

21 Feb: Geneva to Zermatt 0710-1051 hours

22 Feb: Glacier Express; St. Moritz to Lucerne 1702-2125 hours

23 Feb: Lucerne to Arth Goldau 0806-0838 hours; Arth-Goldau to Lucerne1715-1741 hours; Lucerne to Zurich 1835-1925 hours.


Thank you so much in advance for any advice on how best to book.


regards, Pauline



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Some advice :

You do not reserve trains in Switzerland or regional trains in France. You only log them on the app at any point and then you hop on. Sit wherever you want, as a tip train ends are always less busy.

All your trains in Italy : 13€ reservation on : add Eurail as a discount and select one-way tickets (no fee). That way you avoid the 2€ booking fee per person per train on Eurail.

Granada - Barcelona : when available, just wait a few days/weeks and don't worry.

Barcelona - Lyon : at the moment this train is not available online (RENFE's decision). Either you buy a 49€ 2nd/54€ 1st class advance ticket right now (and save a pass day) or you go to any Spanish ticket counter when you arrive in the country.

Glacier Express : 49 CHF on

Also reservation-free local trains on the same route (with pull-down windows !).

Thank you so much for your help. Really helpful.


Are Renfe trains from Barcelona to Lyon busy? Willl I run a chance of no tickets (fully booked trains) when I try to book in Spain in February next year? I will need 4 tickets.


Thank you again if anyone could give me advice.


regards, Pauline

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You're planning to travel on a Friday morning (not a busy weekend day) and you'll be able to book this train around a week in advance so I'm pretty confident it should work.

Go to any RENFE ticket counter when you arrive in the country and ask for 4 10€ reservations.

Than you for your help. I have managed to reserve my Italian trains. Will book my Spanish train from Barcelona to Lyon when I get to Madrid:)


I have also made reservation for the Glacier Express. May I check whether I still need to book tickets with Glacier Express or I just present my Eurail Global Pass onboard?


Thank you again.


regards, Pauline @Singapore

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If you will take the direct train to St Moritz, marked Glacier Excites PE902 or PE920 in the timetables, you need to reserve. 

if you will take the local trains along the same route, no need to reserve

Thank you so much.


Yes, made reservation with Glacier Express at 49CHF person from Zermatt to St. Moritz, and indicated Eurail Pass. SO, I just hop onto train on booked date with my mobile Eurail Global Pass.


Also, all other train in Switzerland, no need for Seat Reservation or any sort of reservation. Just hop on.


Am I correct please?


regards, Pauline


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Yes like usual you must log the train in the app (that way you have a QR-code to show) and that's it.

I guess you've bought a reservation for the same class as your pass ?

Yes seat reservations are not a thing in the country otherwise. Simply log the train and hop on.


Hi, apologies if my question sounds repetitive. When I logged my trip  PE920 on Eurail, it states I need Supplement and Seat Reservation.


As per my message above, I already booked my reservation with Glacier Express at CHR$49 per person according to my class of Eurail Global Pass.


Do I need to do any further reservation or make any further payment please?


Thank you & best regards,



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You don't need to do anything extra, the app is wrong. Reservation costs 49 CHF and there's no supplement.

Good to go :)

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The app doesn’t know that you already have reservations, so it will always show that they are required.

As long as you show your reservation + the ticket in the app, you are OK

Would like to post a thank you note for all the help with my bookings in the community group. I have just completed my 30 days vacation with a 10-day Eurail Global Pass. The advice and support with all my questions are greatly appreciated :)


The Eurail Global Pass worked magically once I understand how it works in different countries :)


regards, Pauline