Booking tickets for 2 x passes

  • 21 March 2023
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Hi There,
All advice  appreciated- I’m a first timer!  I bought 2 x global mobile passes for my daughter and I & we loaded them on our respective phones. I haven’t activated either yet. I’m doing all the bookings, but how do i do them for both of us if her pass is on her phone? Can I add her pass back to my phone if the purchase of both passes was made by me? 

Thank you in advance 



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3 replies

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Reservations are completely separate from your pass. On which device the passes are is not relevant. You just need to book reservations in one transaction, so that you will be located next to each other.

For the best way to make reservations, look here:

And in this thread:


Thank you so much for your quick reply & also your How to Get Reservations page. Much appreciated.  I’ll check out your Seat 61 recommendation before I ask anything else & see if I can make sense of it how to do this.. Many thanks

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If you have any questions on a specific reservation, you can always ask here. Then give route, date and departure time.