bought and activated wrong pass - refund?

  • 2 August 2021
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I was planning a trip from Germany to Sweden, and for that ourpose bought a flexi pass, which later turned out to be the wrong kind of pass for my needs, but I didn’t know it at that time.


later, on the day my travel was supposed to commence, I activated this flexi pass and noticed that I couldn’t add any german or danish trips to my pass. I panicked and immediately bought the correct global pass, which I used to reach my destination.

Issue now is, that I am unable to refund this although activated, but fully unused flexi pass. Is there some way for me to receive some kind of refund? I’m a student and have little money as it is, and this issue was caused because of a misunderstanding.


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Bestway for you is to contact the Customer Service with all your booking codes maybe they can sort something out :) Flexipass and Global pass can be the sime as you have two decisions to buy your pass

First choice between Continous or Flexipass and second one between One Country pass or Globalpass :)

Did you bought standard passes or promotional passes? with plus option or without?

Standard Refund rules

Standard passes 85% Refund without plus or 100%  with plus option :)
Promotionalpasses not refundable without plus option or 85% Refund with Plus option :)

Contact form Customer Support 

Im sure i bought the one country flexipass as it was the cheapwst alternative. I wrongly assumed that ALL passes allow you to travel between countries.

The pass itself was bought standard, although they had a promo at that time which allowed me to upgrade it to plus without paying anything extra. 

thank you for your reply, I’ll contact customer service :) 

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Seewulf is right. You will need to contact our Customer Suppport team through the form as they can look into your individual case and pass use to assist you further. I hope that, despite the confusion, you have been able to enjoy your trip. Cheers,