Bought Italy but see it is not valid to and from Italy. What to do?



I want to travel from Bregenz in Austria to Lecce and back, so I bought the Italy Pass. Now as I wanted to do the seat reservations, I saw, that it is not valid for the way to and from Italy, is that true?

Which Pass could I use? Or would the Italy Pass actually have worked from Austria?


I also have to do a trip to Germany in the same month, but actually already booked…

Any ideas?

Thanks so much..



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The one country Italy pass is, as the name says, a pass only valid in Italy. 

If you want to travel in several countries you need a global pass. With the global pass you have, according to the outbound/inbound rule, the possibility to use 2 of your travel days in your country of residence. 

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For only one trip it might be cheaper to buy a normal ticket than buying a pass. You can check that.

Here is information if you want to exchange you pass or get a refund, if the conditions for you pass allow that.


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Mann muss also Breg-Brennero zuzahlen, je nach alter und ob du schon Vorteil oder irgendwas hast, kann das billiger sein. KLimaticket wurde auch gelten.

Die Direkt zuege ab MUnchen nach ITalia kosten alle immer 10€ extra, zahlt mann das im voraus bei OeBB dann kann mann zugleich eine Sitz umsonst dabei REServ. Einge gang zur OeBB waere allerdings hier sehr zu empfehlen-haettest du es schon getan-die koennen es auch verkaufen!