Bug with the app: lost a travel day

  • 2 August 2022
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Hello, I purchased a pass for 5 travel days. I used 4 but the app registered 5 travel days instead of 4. I activated the pass one day before I was actually travelling and so the app has added one ‘’travel day box’’ automaticallt, but thebox is empty as I did not travel on that day, but I think it counted that day automatically as the first travel day. I am travelling again the day after tomorrow on a long trip with 4 different trains so I need a solution urgently as I don’t want to be paying fines 4 times for not having the right ticket. Any ideas on what to do if I don’t hear back from customer service tomorrow?


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4 replies

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That is not a bug. That is how the app works. The start day of the validity of the pass is automatically made a travel day even if you don't enter a journey that day. That is why the experienced travellers in the community say that you should not activate the pass before until just before boarding the first train of your travel. If you activate the pass in advance you may loose a travel day, as you just did.

You can contact Customer Support through the form below and hopefully they will add a travel day for you. Write your pass number and that you are currently travelling.


Thank you Anna. That was really not clear when reading the instructions on the website and should not be the case since period and activation and travel day are conceptually two different things. I wrote to customer service but am nervous they won t grt back to me on time before my travel tomorrow. Do you know if there is something else I can do to prove to the ticket inspectors tomorrow that I am not cheating?

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I know that Interrail is going to make a change so that the start date of the validity of the pass is separated from the first travel day.