Bus from Veszprem to Ajka covered?

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I’m traveling from Budapest to Ljubljana tomorrow, and the Railplanner app suggests that we go by bus between Veszprem and Ajka. Is the Interrail pass valid for this bus trip?

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Check the site of the railway concerned-mav-start. Next best; Bahn.com. Distrust that app.

IF it is due to works along that part of line, then there is what is called ´replacement´ bus (vonat potlo´ and all tix valid.

There may very well be ALT routings via other lines, that will not show directly up in app-via south side of Balaton or via Györ. Cut up in segments-to last main stop in HU (I think Zalaegerszeg)

Hi I’m getting this train to bus transfer, where do i board the bus as i can’t seem to find where i would go. any advice would be helpful!