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  • 16 June 2024
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there is no such thing as interrail global pass to travel on a german bus, i read something like that somewhere on the net but i'm not sure what kind of buses i can travel on in germany??

becuse this has: 

Bus 21


From:Kirche, Lindenberg i. Allgäu


To:Lindau-Insel →                                                          Determine price   → interrail/eurrail pass use this time with this bus  on deutschebahn app


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1 reply

It’s just on the DB app because it does have all public transport in Germany. That doesn’t mean your railpass is valid. It isn’t. A ticket for the bus is 8,20 €.

Until 2020, DB had an IC bus service that has been included; maybe you did read about that one. The only bus service in Germany that is included right now is when it is a rail replacement bus service (in german “Schienenersatzverkehr”). But no “normal” public bus service.

One thing that really is misleading: Every time the DB app can’t get a price it is recommending anything else (even if it doesn’t make any sense), here an Interrail pass (or a Deutschland-Ticket for 49 € just for the bus part). But unfortunately in your case your railpass is just valid for the train part of the trip.