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Hi there! My name is Roelien, and I will be traveling to Europe with my husband in July. We're from South Africa 😊

We plan on traveling to Germany - Netherlands - Belgium - France - Germany (spending 2-3 days in each country). If we buy a Eurail pass, can we use it for day trips between cities e.g. Utrecht to Amsterdam? Any advice on whether we should buy it (or not) will be appreciated! 

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You can certainly use it for such day trips.

Whether you should buy it is difficult to judge. Only you know your plans. If you have a (kind of) fixed plan, you could check normal ticket prices (i.e. via and see how they compare against a Eurail pass with reservations. Reservations in/from/to France will very probably be mandatory.

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A short ride (33 kms, trains ev 10 mins) like Utr-Ams will cost-just buy when there (=here) on the spot-much less as 1 passday. There are also quite a few other ways(but these always mean tying you in to fixed advance bookings) to get low prices. It all depends on how willing you are to save money and to accept the fixed timings. REServ with pass indeed only MANDatory for to and IN FRance on TGV. F.e. the supplmt on a pass for the superfast Thalys NL-Paris is 30€=nearly as much as the lowest price advance ticket.

Doe de groetjes aan Sarie Marijs.