Buying and activating a paper pass

  • 21 November 2021
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HI - I want to buy a 3 month Global Pass for travel in 2022 starting sometime in March.  I live in Australia and so assume I have to order a paper pass by mail - but I’m not sure of the exact date when I’d want to begin travelling.  (I’d rather not use the mobile pass) and  I read here that the paper pass has to have that date provided when purchasing the pass: instead can i buy it when I get to the UK with my Australian passport perhaps?  thanks: any suggestions would be very welcome.  Am planning to go from the UK to Spain, via France to italy , Greece,  Turkey, and then north  . As long as travel is possible of course with Covid. 

4 replies

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I'm not sure if there's any place in the UK where you can buy a Eurail pass. Maybe from some rail travel agents but you'd better check with them first.

Seat61 lists a few:

The members of AERA should be other candidates:

Thank you -  maybe I’ll have to wait to buy it until I am sure of dates; will investigate those possibilities

The problem is that mail takes ages to get from Europe to Australia at the moment, sometimes well over a month.

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You could have your pass sent to your first address in the UK.

I wasnt’ sure if that was possible - but obviously the way to go! thank you for your advice.  Given the times we live in, with country wide lockdowns and so on, planning too far ahead isn’t so easy these days. From this distance it is hard to get a sense of what travel is like now (I am in Western Australia which has been just about covid free - so far, that is)

and the link with AERA is great: a good companion to Mark Smith’s website.