Calling all Eurail App users! Issues with the App?

Please let me know if you have any issues with the App:

  • no issues
  • some issues
  • a lot of issues!!
  • also, what type of phone (iPhone, Android, etc.) you are using
  • the version of the App you are running.

I have a new iPhone 13 Pro Max (iOS version 15.4.1; app version 23.1.0) and the App will NOT save my journeys. It’ll save the first journey but I’m unable to save any others to the trip. (Sometimes, it’ll save another journey, but if I close and reopen the App, the additional journeys have disappeared.)

I bought 2 (2 Day Flexi Pass) Eurail France Passes. I have added then in the App, connected one pass to my trip (I added my husband’s pass in my App but haven’t connected the pass yet). I haven’t activated either pass.

I’m hoping the information we gather in one thread could help Eurail in some way. I searched and read through other posts and I’d like to hear from the community to maybe narrow down which of us are having issues and why... The only way to know is to also hear from members of the community that are NOT having issues. I have sent two separate messages to support regarding my issue, but have not heard back.

I’m hoping this gets resolved before my trip next week. I hope I didn’t waste the money on these passes if I can’t get the App to work. And if I don’t get anyone to reply here, it’s ok. At least I tried. 😁

Happy travels!

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As far as I can see from this community and the Facebook group, the issues such as yours are only in the iPhone app version.

Hopefully the new version 23.1.1 App update has fixed the issues I was having!! (Fingers crossed)

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23.2.0 is out in the meantime. Are you still seeing the issues?

Hey! I’ve reported an issue here 

any help would be very appreciated! Thank you