Can Eurail Pass be converted to Interrail pass?

  • 28 February 2022
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Hi All,

Please help me, its very urgent.

I am a citizen of India(Indian Passport) and currently working in Germany for a German Company.

Yesterday I booked a Eurail Global Pass “10 days within 2 months”.

Is Eurail Global Pass valid for me, can I travel with this pass?

Or have I made a mistake, is the Interrail Global Pass valid for me?

I am confused , please help me.

If I have made a mistake then can Eurail Global Pass be converted to Interrail Global Pass?

Please reply.



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9 replies

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As long as the details on your Eurail pass match with your Indian passport (name, passport number, birth date), you'll be fine, don't worry.

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The OFFICial rules are that you ´belong´ to a country IN EUR if you have lived there for over 6 monthes-which always, always means you have some form of certificate from that country, as otherwise you are illegal. So if you happen to be some working expat in that category, it could concern you. But even checks on ID/passpt are quite rare and if happens, are mostly only to compare nr of ID with nr printed on the pass-so that you are the one who bought it and use it.

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The OFFICial rules are that you ´belong´ to a country IN EUR if you have lived there for over 6 monthes

Please give a source for this claim or stop repeating it.

Hi Maneesh,

Were you able to travel with the Eurail pass without any issues?

I am also in the same situation, I am an Indian with Indian Passport and working for Indian company in India. I arrived in the Netherlands in March for 6 months as Guest Researcher. I have taken the resident permit (Type-I Temporary Regular) for the same till October. My family has joined me for a month for vacation. I have taken eurail passes for myself, spouse and kids for one month from Klook Travels that is non refundable. I want to know if I am ok to travel with Eurail pass without issues? I will be starting my travel from May 13th (3 days to go from writing this).. Please suggest help urgently.




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Yes it's not an issue. Bring your Indian passport with you.

Thank you thibcabe for your quick reply. I will go ahead and plan my travel ..

Best Wishes.

Got this reply from Eurail Customer Support


Dear Satish,
Thanks for contacting our Customer Service.
If you will be living in the Netherlands at the time of your trip and have a valid Dutch residence card for that period, you should be using an Interrail Pass, not a Eurail one. If you plan to start your trip once your Dutch residence permit is expired, you can use your current Eurail Pass with your Indian passport.
Please note that your Pass hasn't been activated yet, therefore it qualifies for an exchange or a refund. Kindly get in contact with Klook for assistance regarding an exchange of your Pass for an Interrail one. 
I hope this helps. Should you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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@f1.satish  If you travel with your family and you all have Eurail passes and Indian passports, no one will ask any questions. 


Wanted to update that I was able to travel with the eurail pass for a month without any hassles. I had checked with the schiphol airport NS people and they said that if I am staying more than 6 months in NL, then need to take interrail else i can get eurail. So I go the eurail pass and no where they asked for documents or passports.


Thanks for your support.


Best Wishes