Can I hop on the train with my Pass if reservations aren't required?

  • 21 January 2022
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Do i have to order anything else if I already have the pass? Or can I just walk on any train in the “system”? I know I will need reservations on some trains. Let's say I am traveling from Milan to Venice and there is no need for a reservation. Can I just walk on the train with my pass without ordering or confirming anything else beforehand?



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Correct if a train doesn´t need a reservation you just fill the traveldiary (paperpass) or add it to your trip in the Railplanner (Mobile Pass) and thats everything :)

However the direct trains Milan - Venice need a reservation :/ But if you have time you can use 2 regionaltrains Milan - Verona & Verona - Venice reservation free :)

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Yes you can just walk on the train. The Interrail/Eurail is your Ticket. 


You have to write the train that you are taking (paper pass) or choose it on the app a(mobile pass).

Note: All long distance trains from Milan to Venice need an additional reservation on top (10€). When you take the Regionale Express to Verona and than the Regionale Veloce to Venice you don’t need the reservation (you need some more time to get to Venice).