Can I still purchase an Interrail pass? Or do I need Eurail?

Hey everyone, I’m a British citizen who has been living in Australia for the past 5 years. I also have permanent residency for Australia. Can I still purchase the interail ticket or does it need to be eurail, I’m a little confused! I’m 25 and before this spent my whole life in the UK. Thank you!


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If you live in Australia, then it's Eurail. Residency is determining. That's actually an advantage, since you don't have any limitations on travel in the country of residence.

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Hence the only country you MAY get some more questions from staff/conductors is the UK-therefore it is very wise to have some kind of official proof that youre living in OZ long enough. No idea how those counterfeet over there handle such things,as in general all british islands have very peculiair (to us from the continent) rules for that.

In relevant brit fora there have been some points from people with UK-passpts that were heavily questioned when they used Eurail or travelled a lot in super-expensive GB.

In the distant past there were considerable difference between Eu and INter-but these have been removed some 3 yrs ago and now only the ´home country´rule prevails.