Can I use the pass on my iPad?

  • 11 July 2022
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Hi, does any one know if the app with generating tickets works on a iPad? I see the QR code, but it is quite big and want to know it does not give rise to troubles when conductors on the train need to check it. Thanks, mo


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4 replies

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It will work as long as you are connected to internet every few days.

Scanning should also work despite the size, if not the text below the code is also available to be checked by staff.

Don’t forget you may also need to produce it at stations to be checked as well.

Thanks, AI_G!

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The Rail Planner app and pass should work on an iPad as long as it has iOS 13.0 or later. Please know that your device needs to be online at least once every 3 days. 

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new journeys should be added while you have a stable WiFi connection. 


This is not needed to add every journey, only for the first journey of a travel day. I just tested this: I did need to have internet to add the first train of the day to my pass but adding a second train was possible without internet (in flight mode).