Can't activate mobile Eurail pass - only to be used under 28 yrs

  • 1 July 2022
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Hi, my boyfriend and I bought our Eurail Mobile Passes (youth pass) in December 2020 and due to Covid, we’re only able to travel now (until 31/08/2022). However, he turned 28 two weeks ago and now he can’t activate his mobile pass, the reason being that he was only supposed to use it when he was under 28 years old. We’re leaving tomorrow and have gotten no help from Eurail or any one else. 

I have all the paperwork printed just in case as proof (including the email that stated that our pass had been extended for a year) and we can’t possibly change all our train tickets last minute by buying a new pass. Do you have any advice? Since this case is probably an exception, I hope the train conductors will understand our situation but I must admit I’m quite stressed out.

Thank you so much!


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The rule is you have to be under 28 on your start date, so a youth pass can only be activated on the last day that you're 27.

If you can't activate the pass, then you'll run into trouble when tickets are checked. Do not count on conductors being understandable about this. You'll probably be fined or thrown off the train. Or you'll have to pay for a normal ticket.

To get help from Eurail, you must indicate when you are travelling, so they can prioritise correctly. Just saying your problem is urgent is not enough since people have very different opinions about what "urgent” means.

But to be honest, the only real option is to do an exchange. That starts with buying a new pass.

Reservations are separate from the pass and often don't even mention the pass number, so you can just leave those as is.