Can you create a ticket retroactively?

  • 21 April 2023
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My student son was traveling today from Freiburg-Bruges and forgot to activate his travel day/ticket on his eurailpass (although he saved it to his planner). Throughout the entire journey, he was never asked to scan his ticket. He missed one of his connections making it impossible to reach Bruges till several hours after midnight so he quickly changed his plans, decided to stay on his current train and spend the night in Amsterdam, continuing his journey tomorrow. When he went to leave the train station in Amsterdam he needed to scan a ticket to depart, but when he went to activate it on his eurailpass, the app wouldn’t allow it since it was after midnight. So he joined a line of people that weren’t scanning their tickets and now he is worried about not only being fined for this (50 + 15 euros) but being required to buy a ticket. He is returning to the train station tomorrow to continue his journey and straighten things out, but what I want to know is will the folks at the train station in Amsterdam be able to generate his ticket retroactively using his eurailpass (especially since he has two unused days still).


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If he hasn't been checked yesterday, nothing will happen. The staff at Amsterdam train station won't be able to do anything. Maybe Eurail customer support could activate retroactively a pass day but they're already submerged with questions...

He should set a reminder for next time maybe