Can you have multiple trips defined?

  • 25 January 2023
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Can someone clarify something basic for me please?  I can’t figure it out myself and at the moment my pass and plans are messed up enough as it stands.

I have a 3 month global pass.  My intention is to start traveling on April 1st and finish 3 months later at the end of June or start of July.

During that time I will be making several distinct journeys - for example, to see the tulips in April, to see the midnight sun in June, bank holiday weekend in May.

Am I able to create several trips - say “Tulips”, “Solstice”, “Weekend”?

Or is it just that a trip is the record of all journeys undertaken during the entire 3 months and there can only ever be 1 trip for 1 pass?




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It is the latter. There can only ever be 1 trip for 1 pass.

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You can only connect one trip per pass. This trip, will last 3 months. Per trip, you can add as many journeys as you want. 

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The trip is your diary for a specific pass, not a journey. Like any diary you can add entries and remove them at any time and until you add a train to your pass by operating the slider it is nothing more than a diary, you haven’t booked anything and it isn’t a ticket - Think of it like a diary of friends phone numbers. Until you phone them it is simply a list and you can add to it or delete at will. Also like phoning a friend and changing your mind and hanging up you can remove a train from your pass by simply reversing the slider in your Trip before boarding.

You can add trains to the diary either from the planner or manually if it a train you plan to travel on isn’t showing in the planner - for example a local train in Spain from Malaga airport to Fuengirola operated by Renfe.