Cannot activate my EURAIL Flexi Pass on my travelling day, is it possible to refund the ticket fee I paid because of this technical issue?

  • 23 April 2022
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On my previous journey, there are a total of 4 days that I will need to activate my EURAIL Flexi pass to travel between countries, however, I was not able to activate the pass on any single day. I already contacted the customer service but they only reply that they would response within 48 hours, but until now, there are still no response. And because of that, I need to pay for a train ticket fee, which I should no be paying because I already purchased the Eurail pass. Is it possible to refund the ticket fee, since this issue is the Eurail’s responsibility?



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Yes, you are entitled to get refunds of any extra costs you paid. It's not your problem that the app is buggy. Keep all tickets and receipts.

You will have to request that via customer support though.

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For future travels it might be useful to note that our app is incompatible with Buddhist calendar settings which might hinder you from activating the pass. Before activating the pass, please change your device's calendar settings to the Gregorian calendar. This should allow you to continue with activation.