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dear community

unfortunately i’m not getting an answer from the support due to the mass of mails and questions rn.

i really need to change my starting date on my paper (promotional) pass from 08/03 to 08/01. is that even possible? if i bought myself a new pass now und returned the unused one, would i still be able to keep my promotion price of the first pass?

it’s a 2 month pass. i HAVE to (officially) change the date, right?


Thank you so much for helping :)


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Unfortunately, I can't help you, but I haven't received an answer to several inquiries for weeks. Unfortunately, it's quite annoying. 

I hope it works out for you here :)

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As far as I know promotional passes cannot be refunded under any circumstances. There will not be time for new passes to reach you even if the start date can be changed (which I do not think is allowed). If you must travel on 1st August you’ll need to buy tickets at full price for any travel you undertake until your pass becomes valid on 3rd August. Do not try to change the date on your printed voucher if that is what you mean in your last sentence. To do so is fraud and could lead you into very serious trouble.

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A pass bought during the 50% sale can't be exchanged or refunded. That is very clear in the conditions of the pass. You can see the conditions on the invoice that you got with your confirmation email or in your Interrail account. 

It is not possible to change the start date of a paper pass with a fixed start date without making an exchange and you can't make an exchange. You can't start your travel sooner than the date written on your pass.