changing a time/date within a saved trip

  • 3 February 2023
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I’m still thinking through my route but I’ve started to save my initial trip plan with 5 rail journeys added so far - each follows on from the other. I haven’t activated the pass or any part of the trip yet. 
I am sure I will want to make some changes to these to add to or reduce some stays once I have the full (draft) trip entered - maybe to stay longer in one place and reduce time in another. I’m just struggling to see how I make edits like small changes, such as time, and keep the entry. I know I can delete journeys and add new ones but that’s long winded. Any ideas?


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There is no way to change a journey. You need to delete the journey and add a new journey.

If you add each train as a separate journey then you just delete the train you don't want to take and add the train you will take instead. 

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If you do it, like AnnaB says, with each train as a separate journey, this doesn't take a lot time.

Just a couple of seconds to delete and add a new train (and tapping the slider eventually to add to your pass) if you want to change your initial travel plan. 

You can filter perfectly on "no seat reservations" to avoid having to take trains with mandatory reservations, in order to keep maximum flexibility. 

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I never enter my whole planned trip in the planner in advance. I create a plan using the DB planner (and verified using local planners) in a separate file, usually on Google Docs nowadays,  and only enter journeys in the app a few minutes before I travel.

To make changes, you can delete or deactivate a whole journey but also the last train in a journey.

Thx all. I think I’ll go with the idea of rvdborgt to use a different planner to avoid the issue and it’s probably safer as less likely to add to pass by accident.