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  • 20 July 2022
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So I’m leaving for my trip soon, and I need to add my pass to my phone, which doesn't work because I've added it on my computer (didn’t know back then I can only have it on one device). To remove it from my computer, I need to delete my trip. To delete my trip, it tells me I first need to delete travellers from the trip. If I click on edit travellers and want to select the only traveller (myself) to "delete this traveller", I can't select myself because "you can't delete this travellers details" with no explanation as to why or what I could do to change this. I need the pass on my phone so I have the tickets with me on the train.

Does anyone know what I need to do? Did I just not get something? And sorry if there’s already an answer to this that I couldn’t find.

I’m thankful for any advice!




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The only way to get a pass removed is to contact customer services.

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When you contact Customer Support through the link above from @Al_G please add your pass number and also write the start date of your travel.