Child Global pass bought when 11, now 12. Reservations on Trenitalia list old Global Pass number

  • 6 March 2023
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We booked a set of Global 2 month passes including for our 11 year old.  We’ve worked out that when we activate for day 1 of travel she’ll be 12 so are planning to buy a new flexi pass “10 days in 2 months” (we also worked out we all don’t need 2 month continuous passes but that money is sunk!) .  Reservations already made on this site, especially Trenitalia show the Global Pass number in small print at the bottom.  Does this matter, or are we ok provided we show a reservation and a pass in the same name?  I can’t imagine how i would re reserve the same seat...


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As far as I know, they don’t really check the pass number on Trenitalia.

Maybe you could take a screenshot to be sure, of the pass number you orignally used. You never know if you have an overzealous ticket inspector. But chances are minimal they’re gonna check that number.

Other reservations with other companies don’t show the pass number, even reservations made via ÖBB for Italian trains. So no problem there to recycle the reservation with a new pass.

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we also worked out we all don’t need 2 month continuous passes but that money is sunk!

Unless you bought those passes during one of the bigger sales (20-50% off), these should be exchangable for a €15 fee. 

I would also not worry about the pass number. If anyone even notices, explaining that you had to exchange the passes will also be understood.